UW Health and former employee sued over unauthorized medical record access


“Lucey (former billing specialist Kila Lucey) accessed 2,629 individual records of the 19 people without their knowledge or permission.”

“Brunette (UW Health spokeswoman Lisa Brunette) said that all UW Health employees are trained in policies related to the privacy and security of patient information. Only employees who have work-related reason to access patient information are granted access to UW Health’s electronic medical record system. UW Health conducts regular audits to ensure that employee access is in accordance with these policies.”

Another great example of how current due diligence to protect patient records is clearly not working. It’s far too easy for employees to access records they shouldn’t and for businesses to drop the ball on conducting effective audits to manage the problem.

It is time we give the most important asset-the patient-the protection, privacy and security they deserve.