Proof of Presence and Identity

Driven by Super ID™, Transaction Identification Platform (TRIP) enables the unique identification of all participants involved in a transaction.

TRIP ensures individuals are uniquely identified to prevent fraud and protect consumers.

  • Proof of presence

    Creates an auditable record of each transaction with proof of presence of the correct identity.

  • Actionable intelligence

    Enables actionable intelligence for fraud prevention through greater audit and analysis capabilities.

  • Solves Challenges with EVV

    Solves the flaws inherent with electronic visit verification (EVV) by providing proof of presence and identity, as well as time and date stamp, and other EVV-related information.

  • Ensures the integrity of transactions

    Ensures the integrity of transactions, preventing the fraudulent use of multiple and synthetic identities and other identity-related fraud.

  • Compliance & Reporting

    Enables organizations in all sectors to streamline processes and implement new tools for compliance and reporting.