Super ID™ uniquely identifies individuals to ensure one person, one identity.

Our clients implement Super ID for their customers, patients, users and employees; anyone they do business with. Individuals are identified through a standardized process based on physical characteristics. This establishes a unique identity and creates an identifier – a Super ID – based on that identity. The process ensures an individual is not attributed to multiple identities, whether through human error or an attempt at fraud.

Super IDs are issued in each of the industries we serve, and are ready for blockchain and shared ledgers. The process to create a Super ID is the same across sectors, but with Super ID our clients implement an identification strategy that solves problems specific to their company and industry. Super ID allows companies to accurately identify and confirm both consumers and employees, while also tackling tough challenges in risk and fraud, revenue cycle management, compliance, privacy and human resources.

With Super ID, an individual’s identity is confirmed wherever they are, using the devices they (or your company) already own. Super ID is hardware agnostic, multi-modal and multi-device. It is an effective and flexible solution for identity that is scalable, highly secure and straightforward to implement.

At its core, Super ID lets you proactively engage with your customers, patients and employees to secure their identity, while reducing risk and fighting fraud.