Jury awards woman $30k after physician ex-husband illegally accessed her medical data

beckershospitalreview.com “Avera was also named in the suit, but the jury decided not to hold the hospital liable since Avera argued Dr. Krouse violated its policies by using login credentials of other employees to access Ms. Krouse’s medical information.” Case and point, pins and passwords do not protect anyone or anything. You simply never know […]

UW Health and former employee sued over unauthorized medical record access

host.madison.com “Lucey (former billing specialist Kila Lucey) accessed 2,629 individual records of the 19 people without their knowledge or permission.” “Brunette (UW Health spokeswoman Lisa Brunette) said that all UW Health employees are trained in policies related to the privacy and security of patient information. Only employees who have work-related reason to access patient information […]

The FTC On Identity Fraud’s Biggest Threat

pymnts.com “Accounts being taken over is becoming a less challenging threat than fraudulent accounts and synthetic identity frauds, where stolen data is attached to fabricated accounts and identities. Because in those cases, the merchant and the creditor don’t know you, outside of the authentication information you provide up front.”-John Krebs (Manager of Identity theft program […]

Equifax Just Changed the Rest of Your Life

nerdwallet.com “Credit freezes lock down your credit reports in a way that should prevent “new account fraud,” or bogus accounts being opened in your name. But there are so many other ways the bad guys can use the information they stole, which included Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses and some driver’s license numbers. Others include: […]

Vendor Integrations Break New Ground For Super ID

The latest release of the Tascet Super ID client application takes its reputation as a clean, simple and user-friendly user interface (UI) to new heights with a newly redesigned and refreshed UI that further simplifies and consolidates its core functionality. The financial services version also introduces seamless integration with a number of the most popular […]

The White House and Equifax Agree: Social Security Numbers Should Go – Bloomberg

bloomberg.com Finally. Is now the time to remind everyone that the SSN was never meant to be used to verify identity? The SSN doesn’t need to be replaced for its intended purpose – to track income for tax purposes. Somewhere along the way, things went awry. Remember when SSNs were on our driver’s licenses?? How […]