End-to-end security to protect data from internal and external threats

Algo5 is a security platform combining the five components necessary to protect data in today’s high risk environment. Algo5 protects data from document origination to the endpoint (cloud, local storage or hybrid), and locks down access to only individuals who are known and authorized. This protects data from threats – breaches, hacks and disasters – resulting from both internal vulnerabilities and external sources.

Algo5 provides security and cost savings by shrinking and shredding data, then dispersing it among numerous locations, with each location separately encrypting the data. New compression technology reduces the size of data by up to 90 percent, providing a net cost that is significantly lower than traditional data management and security expenditures. The data can be accessed and retrieved only by users who are authorized and known through TASCET’s SuperToken. SuperToken establishes the unique identity of users and links them to an identifier that cannot be altered, shared or stolen.

The data dispersed through Algo5 is fully restored only through a request based upon a confirmed SuperToken, preventing access by unauthorized persons, whether they reside inside or outside an organization. Algo5 is scalable and flexible, and can be built directly into large cloud platforms or secure individual applications, presenting the widest range of data security applications for today’s businesses.


Algo5 allows companies in any industry to implement the most secure data storage solution available today.